The home of sustainably produced artisan tweeds and Manx wool products

Established in 1881, through the inevitable ups and downs of the past 100 plus years, the Mill has not only survived but now thrives as a warm and welcoming hub of creativity and heritage.

Entering the Mill rooted to the banks of the Laxey or ‘Salmon’ river, you are surrounded by its sense of place, the history of its thick, Manx stone walls and greeted by the rhythmic clattering of the 1926 Hattersley loom, and of course, the subtle fragrance of the wool itself.

Once inside you will find you are spoilt for choice, with its exciting range of tweeds made up into beautifully tailored coats and jackets made by skilled craftsmen and women, thick, cosy rugs of many and varied hues; soft and sumptuous knitwear and a fabulous range of custom made accessories.

Add to this John Woods’ skill and knowledge not only as a master weaver but also as custodian of the legacy and sense of community enveloping the Mills, and your visit will not only be a treat for your senses but a fascinating experience for you to remember for years to come.

Creating beautiful, purposeful clothing that is made to last.

We are committed to giving you premium, tailored, timeless designs that focus on comfort, quality and style.